Introducing the Citizen Science Apps: Dreckspotz

Tuesday, 10 September 2019 14:51

The Dreckspotz project is an initiative of the independent Austrian environmental organization GLOBAL 2000 in cooperation with the Austrian Alpine Club Edelweiss and the mountain association. The aim of the initiative is to liberate Austria (and beyond) from waste and to raise awareness of waste in nature. Thus, a valuable contribution should be made to keep nature permanently clean in the future.


Littering is a big problem, the dimensions of which are getting bigger and bigger:
"In Europe alone, an unbelievable 25 million tons of plastic waste accumulate annually, a not inconsiderable part of which, after a brief use, ends up carelessly tossed away, pulluting our forests, lakes and rivers. Once thrown into nature, a plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose. This not only endangers animals and the environment, but the microplastics also pose danger to humans, so the reduction of plastic in our enviroment is an issue that affects us all. " - says GLOBAL2000

Therefore, it is important to raise awareness as early as possible about the serious consequences mindless disposing of trash in nature affects our environment.
A good starting point is the collecting of data to find out where the garbage is. With the Dreckspotz app, you can easily take a photo with your smartphone and document your findings in the interactive map - and then, of course, pick up the trash and dispose of it correctly in the next bin.
Based on the data collected, we can answer important questions such as" Where are the garbage hotspots? "Or "Which types of garbage find it's way into nature most often?" Furthermore, depending on the result - small (eg new Garbage bins or the removal of illegal landfills) and large (eg policy recommendations or economic incentive schemes) measures can be taken.

Than way you not only actively contribute to make nature a little cleaner, but also ensure that it stays like that in the long term.

GLOBAL 2000 also uses the app to spread information, useful tips, and upcycling manuals.

Everybody can participate!
Whether young or old, as an individual, a group or school class - everyone is welcome to take part and make a contribution!

"When people walk through nature with their eyes open, there is hope that these people will pick up the garbage that they see and document it with the app, thus leaving nature a little cleaner." - says GLOBAL 2000. We wholeheartedly agree!

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