For your project we release your own custom branded smartphone application for Android and iOS.

Each SPOTTERON project is released as a stand-alone smartphone application for Android and iOS in the app stores of Google and Apple. The apps feature a unique color setup and can be branded by your own project logo and with sponsorlogo placements. Through the professional SPOTTERON design, your app is optimized for performance and high usability with a custom look and feel.

Collaborative Citizen Science

All Citizen Science projects on the SPOTTERON platform can use all custom extensions without additional costs. By this concept, we were able to build a feature rich environment for Citizen Science over the last years with the help of various projects, which all contributed building blocks to the whole set of functionalities. Every new project can utilize the complete pool of features in their own custom Citizen Science apps and get also new features by regular updates during the whole runtime.

Chart of important extension on the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform

chart custom citizen science app extensions

6 modern Citizen Science App Examples

Offline mode

All SPOTTERON Citizen Science Apps also work without an internet connection. Citizen Scientists can save their observations in the spot upload queue and send them to the servers later, when the connection is back again. Since the Citizen Science apps zoom to the curent location of the user at startup by GPS, the observation will be in the right area and the location can also be finetuned before upload.

regular Updates

The most important core-feature in SPOTTERON is that we not only build your apps, but also update and maintain them during the whole runtime. Especially in the ecosystem of mobile technology it is very important to regularly patch and improve your project-apps to provide stability and compatiblity for your users. Furthermore, we also introduce new features and extensions for the Citizen Scientists and also the project administrators on a regular basis - because SPOTTERON is all about working together to build the best Citizen Science tools for the future.

Custom Citizen Science App Branding

Each custom Citizen Science app in SPOTTERON can be custom branded and have its own info-section with background information, images and/or video links for further read or reference. Each Citizen Science app features the project logo in the header area as a primary element. Further logos and links can be placed in the bottom area of the app menu for e.g. project partners or sponsors.

Common Views in SPOTTERON Citizen Science Apps

The SPOTTERON Citizen Science app interface is optimized for fast and easy use and performance. The main view shows the map after a start-up and is focused on the current location of the user, so observations can be entered without any hassle. All user submitted spots are visible on the main map and can be accessed via markers. Lists of new spots and spots in the area of the current location are available for browsing and exploration. The header shows the app logo and the social citizen science network activity like messages and notifications. The main menue at the bottom is designed for one-hand access and features the main sections in each SPOTTERON Citizen Science app.

Whatsnew S7 general03 GeneralInterface 540px
General Interface Citizen Science App with custom branding

Whatsnew S7 general03 SpotList 540px
Spot lists of observations in the app + Interface

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