With #hashtags #users can add additional #attributes to #spots and use them as #filters.

Hashtags are a widely used format for a free classification of content in apps and pages. Hashtag entities are posted by using the # symbol, followed by a text entry, which describes the contents and attributes of a spot. You can find hashtags on almost every social media plattform like facebook, tumblr and twitter and in smartphone apps like instagram - and also in SPOTTERON.

The benefit of hashtags is their flexibility. They can describe any kind of attribute or feature of a spot and make instant connections to other spots with the same hashtag, accessible directly in your app or map integration. By using hashtags, the users create a structured network of information, which can also be analysed to a certain extent. Furthermore, hashtags are often used for creative descriptions and comments, enabling not only the sharing of facts but also emotional moments.

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