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What do you think about the app(s)?

Welcome to the SPOTTERON User Survey 2020 - we would love to hear your opinions and ideas regarding the platform and the apps. With your feedback we will be able to improve the SPOTTERON Apps in the future and put a focus based on your community feedback!

To say thank you we give away 3 CuriosityStream accounts. CuriosityStream is a platform where you can watch thousands of great documentaries! If you want to particpate, please simply leave your email adress, with which you have registered your SPOTTERON user account, in the field on the last page of this survey!

(Runtime of survey until 30th of September, extension is possible. Delivery of prices via email with code for redeeming on, subscriptions are non–refundable and cannot be returned or transferred. You must be at least 18 years old to participate. If not redeemed after 14 days, we reserve the right to give the code to another participant; No right of appeal, and any legal action is precluded.)

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Some questions about if you like the app(s)

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A little background

Some background questions how you stumbled upon the app(s) and about your participation.

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About your interests & activity

Just some quick questions about your favorite topics and your activity in organisations..


  • Ein neues Paper aus einem Horizon 2020-Projekt mit dem Titel „D1.1 Internet list of stakeholders“ wurde unter Papes und Publikationen hinzugefügt.

    Mittwoch, 09 Juni 2021
  • Für das Veröffentlichen von Smartphone-Apps in den App Stores für Android und IOS gelten strenge, von Apple und Google festgelegte Regeln. Alle Apps auf den Plattformen müssen diese Nutzungsbedingungen und vorgegebenen Regeln akzeptieren, um in den App Stores präsent zu sein. Manchmal bringt dies auch überraschende Herausforderungen mit sich, wie wir vor kurzem erlebt haben. Lesen Sie mehr im Citizen Science Blog.

    Dienstag, 25 Mai 2021