We all agree that Citizen Science is not only about the collection of data, its also about getting a wide spectrum of people involved, who dont neccessarily come from academic backgrounds. This broad approach to a wider public makes concepts like high quality user interface design, usability and also technical stability by constant updates a very important task of every project.

In SPOTTERON we build your own custom Smartphone Apps for your citizen Science project - and during the whole runtime, your project stays maintained, updated and improved with new exciting features.

SPOTTERON can be used for any kind of location based Citizen Science. We currently already have real projects running continuesly for 2 years now and which are in daily use by Citizen Scientists - you can install the Apps on your Smartphone to get a first impression.

nl spotteronphones

Furthermore, Citizen Science has strong socialmedia ties. - Just imagine the additional impact, if Citizen Scientists in your project would be able to interact with each other, help with data quality or invite their friends to participate within a well-designed interface - something which we currently work on to be ready for all projects running on SPOTTERON.


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