How it works

Building your Citizen Science apps follows an established workflow.

Running your own Citizen Science project on the SPOTTERON platform is easy. First, we provide a free quotation based on a project's description or a Skype call at first hand, which summarizes all the costs, including updates and support for your Citizen Science apps. After your decision, we work in collaboration with your reserach project to create the app's data structure and necessary assets like a project logo, icons, app store media and others.


We take care of your project's app development from the start. After the concept phase we start building your Citizen Science or volunteer monitoring toolkit and create custom design elements for your app. The whole process is done in close collaboration to have your apps optimized for your project's requirements. We put our 15+ years of experience in digital design and development at work to provide the best solutions and innovative features in an online mobile world. 


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Since SPOTTERON is built as a platform by concept, the time-frame for a new Citizen Science app release can be just around 4 - 6 weeks. After the release of your project's Citizen Science apps, we continue to provide updates and improvements during the whole run-time.

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Fixed prices - more Citizen Science

From your smartphone apps to your own custom features - we will provide a fixed price tag for your project without any hidden costs. SPOTTERON is available in 3 different package sizes to fit even smaller research grants. For ongoing compatibility, stability and user or data security in a fast changing digital world, 2 years of free updates, support and hosting on a professional server structure are already included in every package.


What's all included?

Citizen Science App Design and Development


All packages include the design and development of the apps for Android & IOS, the interactive map (web-app) for browsers. We create custom designs for your apps like buttons, the app icons, project logo and other media elements.

Project Support & App Updates


During the whole runtime of your project, we provide full support and regular updates for optimal stability, security and compatibility in the fast changing world of mobile technology while also introducing new platform features.

Citizen Science App Store Setup for Android & IOS


We take care of setting up the presence of your project's apps on the app stores for Android & IOS with your project descriptions, image teasers and phone mockups for a high quality first impression for new users.

Observation Data Management & Export


All projects on the platform have full access to the secure administration area for data and community management. The admin area also provides data filters and an export tool of all contributions in the project's app in realtime.

Feature-Pack: App Offline Mode


Outdoor apps are often in use where web connectivity is low. All apps on the platform include an offline mode with map area downloads, spot saving and a waiting queue for new observations, saved locally without internet connection.

Feature-Pack: Community & Communication Tools


Every app on the platform includes a full feature social community toolkit with many advanced functionalities like a user's newsfeed, comments, liking, following and even push messaging for getting in contact with the participants directly.

Feature-Pack: Data Quality Tools


To foster data quality in your project, various tools are built into all apps on the platform for giving feedback, highlight well done observations for training and promote experienced users to help with classifications of all contributions.

Feature-Pack: User Motivation Tools


Increasing the long-term motivation of the participants is an important key elements in running volunteer-based projects. All apps include tools for automatically rewarding users for their activity and community building features and notifications.

All available SPOTTERON packages can be found here:




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App Features

On the SPOTTERON platform, every Citizen Science app gets all the available features without additional costs. We are not only a design & developer studio for your Citizen Science apps, but we create also a network of projects, which support and build on each other. Your project's tools will have a feature set ready from start, which not only covers data collection but also tools for improving data quality, communication features like push messaging or a full-feature social community, integrated directly in your apps. To futher foster the networking aspects between projects, we run an internal web-forum, in which new features are introduced and project scientists can provide direct feedback. 

We can also develop new features individually for your project, based on your requirements. After creating a technical concept with the best approach and performance, we provide a free quote for the development costs. After development, testing and release such new extensions to the SPOTTERON feature ecosystem will consequently also be shared with all other projects on the platform for free.


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Project Migration

For already running Citizen Science or Volunteer Monitoring projects, we offer to migrate all your data for free. Additionally, we provide a -10% deduction for projects, which want to migrate to the SPOTTERON platform and its growing network of Citizen Science and Community Monitoring projects.

Like in every new project on the platform, we provide all features and extensions for the apps, data administration interface and interactive maps (web-app) without any additional costs. By migrating to the SPOTTERON platform, we can improve your already existing project with a rich set of exciting features, a professional technical basis for stability, performance and security and also with custom high quality design.


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Talk to us!

We are always happy to share over 15 years of experience in design and development for consultation and advise - because we care.
You can easily reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., via Skype by "spotteron" or via phone on 0043-676-5982272





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    Friday, 07 December 2018
  • The new SPOTTERON platform version 2.5.0 has been released. Highlights are the new offline map mode and badges to earn & collect in all Citizen Science apps on the platform. Read more about the new features in our Citizen Science Blog!

    Wednesday, 07 November 2018