Building your Citizen Science apps is a 3-step process: Talk > Development > Release

Running your own Citizen Science project with SPOTTERON is easy. The first step is to talk about your project during a meeting via Skype, Hangout or phone call to explore what kind of functionalities and input methods are needed by your Citizen Science project.  After consultation, we are able to send you a free quotation via eMail for the project's entire runtime.

Technical Development 

If all functionalities necessary for your project are already part of the SPOTTERON Feature Set (and for most cases, they are), creating the add spot dialog for new observations is the only main task. We will assist you with designing the questionnaire structure in the Citizen Science apps with the available types of input fields for ideal usability. After receiving the supplemental parts like the project description and logo, we start building the apps for your project.

Visual Development

Regarding the visual content and the look & feel, we first decide on the general color scheme in collaboration with you. If you already have a project logo available, we will implement that. Otherwise we will create an own custom logo and typography for your project. The next step is creating a screen preview of the Add Spot dialog for new observations. After finetuning and finishing, we just need the texts for the information panel and possible partner logos from you to be ready to build your own custom Citizen Science Apps..


We also take care of the setup of the app store pages in Google Play for Android and in Apple iTunes for iPhones and create all neccessary media in the various sizes, like app icons, image teasers in different sizes, mockups and more. We will provide you with the links to the store pages of your Citizen Science apps and also include the custom iframe HTML Code for the implementation of the interactive map in your project's homepage.

If you migrate an existing project to the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform, at this point we will also import the data, so you can carry on seamlessly with your new CitSci Apps.

Example Timeline

Since SPOTTERON is all built around maintainability, the timeframe for a Citizen Science app relase is just around 4 - 6 weeks. 

(Talk to us if a deadline comes by and it must go even faster)


how to development chart - spotteron citizen science apps


Talk to us!

We are always happy to share over 15 years of experience in design and development for consultation and advise - because we care.
You can easily reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., via Skype by "spotteron" or via phone on 0043-676-5982272




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