Citizen Science apps

For your project we release your own custom branded smartphone application for Android and iOS.

We build reliable and custom-tailored Citizen Science Apps on the SPOTTERON Platform for research teams, community science projects and citizen engagement initiatives. Each Citizen Science App is available as a download for Android smartphones and Apple iPhones and can be adapted to your project's needs.

Each Citizen Science App on SPOTTERON is unique. 

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Citizen Science participation is about connecting people to the project. Each Citizen Science App has its own topic, its range and goal. With SPOTTERON, we enable to utilize the power of a collaborative platform combined with the individuality a Citizen Science project is built on at its core.

The whole colour scheme and the logo of a Citizen Science App, running on the SPOTTERON platform, can be freely adapted to represent the project's visual identity. Content sections like comprehensive information or explanations about project participation or the research topic can be embedded in the App to support e-learning and data quality.

One of the central elements of every Citizen Science App is a project-specific dialogue for adding new data points and project contributions. Our experienced team stands ready to support the design process of a clear and visually appealing Data Input Dialog, including the production of icons and other interface elements.

One platform, many App features

Every Citizen Science App on SPOTTERON comes with a wide range of advanced features and integrated tools from the start. All functionalities, which we have developed since the beginning of the platform, stand ready to be used by every project from the start. Thanks to these years of constant development of the underlying technologies, the range of available features already covers a broad spectrum - from an offline mode over data quality tools to a full feature social community built into every Citizen Science App. Every project can use all these features on the SPOTTERON platform without extra development costs.

This accumulated long-year experience and constant ongoing development of the Citizen Science platform also means that all Apps come optimized for performance, community participation, and high usability.

App Updates and maintenance included

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To guarantee a hassle-free runtime of your project, we keep all apps updated and provide ongoing technical support to all Citizen Science teams. This service is an essential factor for the stability, compatibility, and security of interactive software, especially for Smartphone Apps in the fast-changing field of mobile technology. On SPOTTERON, we take care of all projects to guarantee ongoing reliability and a best-possible user experience of the Apps, both for Citizens and Scientists.

Every Citizen Science app comes with a wide range of advanced features and integrated tools from the start, which are included for new projects without any extra development costs. Due to our long-year experience and constant ongoing development, all apps are optimized for performance, reliability and high usability. To guarantee a hassle-free run-time of your project, we keep all apps updated and provide ongoing support!


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own custom apps

Every project on the SPOTTERON platform gets its custom smartphone apps for Android and IOS. It can be uniquely customized while sharing a joint base and high-quality design for usability and looks.

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The internet has become mobile with 70% - 80% usage on portable devices. We embrace this technological reality by focusing on mobile apps while still providing interactive maps for browsers as an alternative input option.

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regular updates

Running smartphone apps needs constant maintenance. We provide regular updates to all of the project apps, running on the SPOTTERON platform with improvements and new exciting features.

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collaborative platform

Don't walk alone - every new feature a project contributes to the SPOTTERON platform is available for all other projects to adopt for free.
Your project will benefit from the extensive feature set built over the last three years, and you don't have to start all over from scratch.

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social citizen science

All projects on the SPOTTERON platform include a full feature social network, built seamlessly into the apps and interactive maps, creating a buzzing community of Citizen Scientists and researchers with a high level of interactivity and long-term motivation.

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we don't track users

As an ethical decision, we have chosen a flexible subscription-based model for project costs simply because we never monetize user data. We do not create ad profiles of Citizen Scientists, nor do we include third-party trackers in your Citizen Science apps. Simply because of privacy matters.





 Spotteron Features Mobile Citizen Science Apps

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All spots are displayed with image thumbnails, and everything is optimized for fast loading times and performance.

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Logos, information areas, colours, buttons and all input options are completely customizable and ready for translation. The input dialogue for new submissions is flexible, and input options can be organized hierarchically for best usability.

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The central hub for the users shows notifications for various events by people they follow and the project itself.

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The spots are also accessible as dynamic lists or a list of newest submissions and can be filtered

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All submissions are accessible in-App and are displayed in the spot detail view with various options.

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The spot data visualization panel is built in the detail view of a spot and can be used to display number-based data as a chronological line chart. 

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Your users can add custom project-related "Stickers" to their photos for science or fun.

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The user's submissions are listed in a "My Collection" panel across all apps in the SPOTTERON Citizen Science Platform

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Users can comment on spots and like (hearts) the spots and even single comments.



All projects on the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and allow users always to download a copy or to delete their personal data without compromising the project's data quality.

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