Citizen Science apps

For your project we release your own custom branded smartphone application for Android and iOS.

All Citizen Science projects on the SPOTTERON platform are released as individual and custom-tailored applications for Android smartphones and Apple's iPhones. The core element of every Citizen Science app is a project-specific dialogue for contributing data, which we help design for high usability. The apps are visually unique by colour scheme and the logos of your project and your partners.

Every Citizen Science app comes with a wide range of advanced features and integrated tools from the start, which are included for new projects without any extra development costs. By building on many years of constant development, all apps are optimized for performance, reliability and high usability. To guarantee a hassle-free run-time of your project, we keep all apps updated and provide ongoing support - because of service matters.


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own custom apps

Each project on the SPOTTERON platform gets its own custom smartphone apps for Android and IOS and can be uniquely customized while sharing a common ground and high-quality design for usability and looks.

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The internet has become mobile with 70% - 80% usage on portable devices. We embrace this technological reality by focusing on mobile apps while still providing interactive maps for browsers as an alternative input option.

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regular updates

Running smartphone apps needs constant maintenance. We provide regular updates to all of the project apps, running on the SPOTTERON platform with improvements and new exciting features.

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collaborative platform

Don't walk alone - every new feature a project contributes to the SPOTTERON platform is available for all other projects to adopt for free. Let your project benefit from the extensive feature set built over the last 3 years and don't have to start all over from scratch.

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social citizen science

All projects on the SPOTTERON platform include a full feature social network, built seamlessly into the apps and interactive maps, creating a buzzing community of Citizen Scientists and researchers with a high level of interactivity and long-term motivation.

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we don't track users

As an ethical decision, we have chosen a flexible subscription-based model for project costs simply because we never monetize user data. We do not create ad profiles of Citizen Scientists, nor do we include third-party trackers in your Citizen Science apps. Simply because of privacy matters.


All projects on the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform are in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and allow users to always download a copy or to delete their personal data without compromising the project's data quality.

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  • Zwei neue Citizen Science Apps sind auf SPOTTERON hinzugekommen. Mit "Spot-a-Bee" beobachten wir Bienen und wollen erforschen, welche Blütenpflanzen sie bevorzugen und mit der Ornithologie-App "KraMobil" dreht sich alles um Krähen und die Verhaltensforschung.

    Friday, 22 May 2020
  • Two more Citizen Science Apps have been added to the SPOTTERON Citizen Science App section! With Spot-a-Bee you can observe bee species to understand better, which flowers the favour, and with KraMobil, you can observe crows for ornithology and behavioural science. Enjoy!

    Friday, 22 May 2020