The idea for SPOTTERON was born during a hiking trip after we discovered wild littering in an otherwise pristine forest. The devastating sight set our brain cells in motion and, four years and thousands of hours of passionate work, a platform for Citizen Science has emerged.

Citizen Science Experience

quote philipp socialnetwork2Citizen Science has a lot of potential, if done right. We believe that the symbiosis of scientific or environmental goals with those amazing high-tech computers and sensors each of us carries around in their pockets every day can help not only scientific research but also the way people recognize and care about their surroundings. By their ongoing involvement, Citizen Scientists become part of something much bigger - a growing and curious community.


Through its conceptual accessibility, we now can keep the running costs for a complete service for the projects as low as possible. Our long-term goal is to provide this always-maintained and ever-improved system to Citizen Science, Environment Conservation and Social Projects worldwide as a professional and reliable service. At the same time, we are also keeping the users in mind and foster community growth and interaction between citizens and scientists.

SPOTTERON builds upon the vision of an ongoing collaboration between Citizen Science project, designers, developers and also the Citizen Scientists to create the Citizen Science toolkit of the future - because Citizen Science itself is all about working together, too.


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  • There are new Citizen Science projects listed in the Citizen Science app overview: CoronaReport for a better understanding of the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis, ArtSpots for all of you who love art, photography and architecture, and a new regional phenology project called Nature's Calendar Burgenland. Check them out and download a Citizen Science app today!

    Sunday, 05 April 2020
  • Hashtags are an excellent tool to find and verify information on social media platforms quickly. Read, how you can use hashtags to foster engagement with users for your next or ongoing Citizen Science project on the blog.

    Monday, 17 February 2020