We support and maintain your smartphone application and release regular updates for your project in the app stores.

In the everchanging area of mobile devices it is essential to keep your websites and smartphone application always up to date. This need for a permanent development process of own apps makes it very difficult for projects to keep their app running over longer time - not so with SPOTTERON. Thanks to the streamlined modular development concept, we deliver regular updates to all of the Citizen Science apps and interactive maps for stability, performance and new features - in SPOTTERON, your project stays always up to date.

With each release of an updated SPOTTERON version, your Citizen Science app is built freshly by our development team and uploaded in the smartphone app stores. Brand new features of the SPOTTERON platform will be implemented in your Citizen Science apps and the new version will be rolled out for Android and iOS. We also work constantly on improvements of the interface for better usability, new feature integration and compatiblity. The participants of your project get the new version automatically on their smartphones or they will be notified about the new version being ready for download by the app stores.

On urgent demand, non-regular updates can also be made individually for your own app release.