Regular updates

We support and maintain your smartphone application and release regular updates for your project in the app stores.

Life cycles of smartphones and computers are short, and technology is always moving forward. In this rapidly changing environment, it is essential to continuously maintain and update software like Citizen Science apps for smartphones or Content Management Systems for websites. At SPOTTERON, all packages include full support and updates during the whole runtime.

Running apps and software always needs constant maintenance. It is essential for a project's stability, compatibility and security to provide regular updates for the Citizen Science apps and other software tools. This is especially important in the fast-changing environment of mobile technology, where app updates are a necessity during the whole project run-time. SPOTTERON as a platform can provide such a service. To have a hassle-free run-time of your Citizen Science app, we completely take care of the technical part and provide regular app updates and support for all projects. This service-oriented approach ensures the best possible quality and compatibility for the users and the project team alike.

Regular Citizen Science app updates on SPOTTERON

New features, more Citizen Science through app updates

We continuously work on new features and improvements of the apps and the tools, running on SPOTTERON. It is our collaborative approach to provide all features developed for one project to all the other projects on the platform. By that sharing principle, every project on the platform includes a full "ecosystem" of features already from the start and for already running projects, new app updates implement these new features and make them available for your project without extra development costs.

The participants in your app get the latest version automatically on their smartphones by standard, or they will be notified about the newest version is ready for download by the app stores.

Example: ongoing app updates in two years runtime of a Citizen Science project

Graph of Citizen Science App Updates on the SPOTTERON CitSci Platform

On average, we provide around one update per month for all Citizen Science apps running on the SPOTTERON platform. Minor updates (displayed in grey) include improvements and bugfixes for the apps, while significant updates (in colour) also bring new features to all apps. Milestone releases (1.0 and 2.0) are major steps in the development and mark new main versions of SPOTTERON.

On urgent demands to, e.g. change the content in the app or extend the observation criteria, non-regular updates can also be made individually for your own Citizen Science project's apps.


  • Zwei neue Citizen Science Apps sind auf SPOTTERON hinzugekommen. Mit "Spot-a-Bee" beobachten wir Bienen und wollen erforschen, welche Blütenpflanzen sie bevorzugen und mit der Ornithologie-App "KraMobil" dreht sich alles um Krähen und die Verhaltensforschung.

    Friday, 22 May 2020
  • Two more Citizen Science Apps have been added to the SPOTTERON Citizen Science App section! With Spot-a-Bee you can observe bee species to understand better, which flowers the favour, and with KraMobil, you can observe crows for ornithology and behavioural science. Enjoy!

    Friday, 22 May 2020