User motivation pack

User motivation is a key for long-term participation and for the gain of experience by the users in Citizen Science apps.

Increasing the long-term motivation of the participants is an important key elements in running volunteer-based projects. All apps include tools for automatically rewarding users for their activity, community building features and notifications.

Long-term motivation in Citizen Science is one of the key elements for a sucessful project. A motivated user base provides more frequent and higher quality observations for the project's data-set. In addition, with motivational features the so called "drop out rate", which means how many users stop participating after one contribution, gets significantly lower. Since before becoming advanced users with a good knowledge about a topic, a beginner user who drops out is a lost chance to grow the active user base with experienced Citizen Scientists - and motivational features can counteract along with an active community, which welcomes new users and strong ties in design and usabilty.

The User Motivation Pack on SPOTTERON consists of the following extensions:

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon UserMotivation DirectMessages

Direct Messages

Imagine reaching all participating users with a direct message, sent to all installations of a Citizen Science app with just one click. The Direct Message feature does exactly that. Project teams can send a short message to all smartphones on which the app is installed and the message appears in the phone's notification area with a signal tone played (push notification). The message can have up to 280 letters and can include links to a homepage, which are automatically shortend.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon UserMotivation Badges


Users can earn badges for certain numbers of contributions. These badges encourage long term participation and also give users a feeling of reward for their contributions without additional work for project admins. A certain number of predesigned badges are included for all apps, but custom badges can be designed for projects and custom new badges can always be added for a project.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon UserMotivation StatisticsPanel

Statistic panel

A whole section in the app is dedicated to show up-to-date app statistics and community leaderboards to the users. Beside the most active 20 users, in which the top 3 places are highlighted with a golden, silver and bronze star, the statistics show the most spotted categories and an interactive timeline. All panels can be shown in different time-frames (week, month, year and total) and users can switch back to prior time areas.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon UserMotivation TopSpots

Top Spots

Project admins can set any observation by users to "Top spots" in the administration interface with just a click. These "Top spots" are then highlighted with a star icon in the app's map and spot lists and also in the spot's detail view. The "Top spot" feature can be used to reward excelent observations or data contributions to motivate users or to highlight points of interest in a project.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon UserMotivation SpotCollection

User Spot Collection

As a part of the community user profile, the spot collection displays all contribution by a user in the Citizen Science app. The spot collection is also the first panel viewed when accessing a user's profile in the apps.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon UserMotivation Counter

Dynamic observation counter

Permamently visible, a counter of all contribution in a project is displayed in the top bar of any Citizen Science app. This counter let users to keep track of how many observations have been collected by the whole community and works as an important reminder that a user is part of a combined effort.

The User Motivation Pack is already included in all SPOTTERON packages without additional costs.

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