Offline Mode

Your Citizen Science apps are ready for a real outdoor experience, even without internet connection.

Outdoor apps are often in use where web connectivity is low. All Citizen Science apps on the platform include an offline mode with map area download, local spot saving and a waiting queue for new observations, saved locally without internet connection.

The Offline Mode on SPOTTERON consists of the following core extensions:

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon OfflineMode WaitingQueue

Waiting queue

Observations can be collected while out in the field when no internet connection is available. Users can save observation in the Spot Waiting Queue and can upload or modified their data later when connected to the internet again. If users save a new spot but the servers can not be reached by the app, the observation is automatically saved in the queue.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon OfflineMode MapDownload

Map Area Download

Users can define up to 5 custom map areas in the Offline Mode panel and download these maps to their device for offline use. The maps will be stored locally on the device and can be used without internet connection present.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon OfflineMode SpotDownload

Spot Download

Users can download single spots in the apps for offline access or bulk download up to 20 spots in a map area. These offline spots can be used adding new observations as a spot data update when no internet connection is available.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon OfflineMode OfflinePanel

Offline Content Maintenance

All locally saved contents (downloaded spots or map areas) can be refreshed or deleted anytime by the user in the Offline Mode panel. The panel also allows bulk delete all downloaded spots or maps for instant storage cleanup.

TheOffline Mode is already included in all SPOTTERON packages without additional costs.

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