We launch your Citizen Science apps and interactive maps, provide regular updates and build new innovative features for Citizen Science projects.

We all agree that Citizen Science is not only about the collection of data, its also about getting a wide spectrum of people involved, who don't neccessarily come from academic backgrounds. This broad approach to a wider public makes high quality user interface design, usability and also ensuring technical stability through constant updates a very important task of every project.


In SPOTTERON we build your own custom Smartphone Apps for your Citizen Science project - and during the whole runtime, your project stays maintained, updated and improved with new exciting features.

SPOTTERON can be used for any kind of location based Citizen Science Projects. We currently already have projects running continuously for 3 years, which are in daily use by Citizen Scientists. You can install the apps on your smartphone to get a first impression.

SPOTTERON TWO - Social Citizen Science - Smartphone Apps



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own custom apps

Each project on the SPOTTERON platform gets its own custom smartphone apps for Android and IOS and can be uniquely customized while sharing a common ground and high quality design for usability and looks.

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mobile first

The internet has become mobile with 70% - 80% usage on mobile devices. We embrace this technological reality by focusing on mobile apps, while still providing interactive maps for browsers as fallback tool.

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always updates

Running smartphone apps needs constant maintenance. We provide regular updates to all of the project apps, running on the SPOTTERON platform with improvements and new exciting features.

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collaborative platform

Don't walk alone - every new feature a project contributes to the SPOTTERON platform is available for all other projects to adopt for free. Benefit from the extensive feature set built over the last 3 years and don't start from scratch.

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social citizen science

All projects on the SPOTTERON platform include a full feature social network, built seamlessly into the apps and interactive maps, creating a buzzing community of Citizen Scientists and researches.

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we don't track users

We have chosen a flexible subscription based model for project costs simply because we never monetize user data, create or sell ad profiles of Citizen Scientists, nor do we include third party trackers.



Building and maintaining custom Citizen Science smartphone apps isn't the only thing we do for your CitSci projects during a project's runtime. Thanks to our background as professional graphic designers, we also support all of the projects on the SPOTTERON platform with artworks, logo design, mockups and other media to create a complete set of assets and help with staying in the spotlight. Secondly, we are digital natives, happy to share our over 15 years of experience regarding online technologies and tools. You can always reach our team here at SPOTTERON for advice and if you need promotional images or app mockups, do not hesitate to contact us any time.
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With our platform Citizen Science also gets social. With the milestone version SPOTTERON TWO we included a full feature social network in all the app to increase immersion and long term motivation for Citizen Scientists.  Furthermore, Citizen Science has strong socialmedia ties. - Just imagine the additional impact, if Citizen Scientists in your project are able to interact with each other, help with data quality or invite their friends to participate within a well-designed interface.



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