SPOTTERON is based on a hosting model, providing the complete service spectrum as fixed pricing. By this model we can guarantee the constant maintainance and development of your smartphone apps and web plattforms independently for advertising or userdata monetarization.


SPOTTERON is available in 2 package sizes for your project:

SPOTTERON Package A - Smartphone Apps + Karten

Package A

Apps and Map Integration

This package is mainly for existing projects, which already have their own project homepage ready. It contains your own custom smartphone apps with all updates and the map integration for websites or web portals with desktop data submission.

per month € 390,- $ 460,-
1 year € 4.680,- $ 5.490,-
2 years € 9.360,- $ 10.990,-
SPOTTERON Package B - Projekt-Homepage, Smartphone Apps + Karten

Package B

Apps, Map Integration and Homepage

Beside the full-feature smartphone apps, updates and the map integration with desktop data submission, this package also contains your own project homepage based on an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) including web hosting.

per month € 590,- $ 630,-
1 year € 6.990,- $ 7.500,-
2 years € 13.900,- $ 14.900,-
all prices exclusive according taxes, minimum runtime: 3 month, for runtimes below 12 month we charge an additional fee of € 1.500,- for project setup, Stand 08.11.2017


What's all included in the package?

Development & Setup

Consulting for project planning   checkmark21   checkmark21
Web & App Consulting   checkmark21   checkmark21
Setup & Configuration   checkmark21   checkmark21
Development of your  Smartphone Apps for Android & iOS   checkmark21   checkmark21
map integration with desktop data submission   checkmark21   checkmark21
full feature ready   checkmark21   checkmark21
Administration interface for your submissions   checkmark21   checkmark21
Data-Download   checkmark21   checkmark21
own Branding and Logo Placements   checkmark21   checkmark21
custom App-Icon   checkmark21   checkmark21
App Testing   checkmark21   checkmark21
Import of existing data   checkmark21   checkmark21
continous Support & Updates

continous technical updates   checkmark21   checkmark21
continous feature updates   checkmark21   checkmark21
continous design updates   checkmark21   checkmark21
App store support
(Google Play & iTunes)
   checkmark21   checkmark21 
unlimitierted data hosting   checkmark21   checkmark21
partner support   checkmark21   checkmark21
User support
via forum
  checkmark21   checkmark21
Media design
for teasers and promos
  checkmark21   checkmark21
inclusion in
milestone planning
  checkmark21   checkmark21
Projekt promotion
on SPOTTERON channels
   checkmark21    checkmark21
Privacy first: No User Tracking    checkmark21    checkmark21
Development, Support & Hosting

A  B
HTML code for
map integration
  checkmark21   checkmark21
Content Management System (CMS)       checkmark21
Newsletter tool       checkmark21
Media extensions like Video, Sliders and more       checkmark21
Social Media integration       checkmark21
Content setup       checkmark21
Content support       checkmark21
technical support       checkmark21
unlimitiertes webhosting       checkmark21
eMail server       checkmark21
Web stats       checkmark21



Some optional features require additional work for creating content and pages within the smartphone apps and interactive maps as listed here:

preview infopanelsInfo-Panels per Species
In the SPOTTERON Info Panels feature, additional informations and pictures can be displayed per species or category on-click in the selection dialog. The one-time setup fee includes the layouting and creation of media for each species or category in-app.

€ 45,-
per panel
$ 49,-
per panel


preview informationextended Information-Panel

In every SPOTTERON app, there is a section for the information about the project, which can also be used for e.g. an extended documentation of the project or as media panel with images and video thumbnails. While the basic version is already included in the monthly service-subscription fees, creating an extended information section is covered by this:

€ 190,-
per language
$ 205,-
per language


preview intro panelsStart Up Intro Overlays

For an introduction to the project we can include additional "Intro Overlays" in your app, which welcome new users and give tipps about how to use the app. We can create panels in the SPOTTERON layout for you or design advanced custom panels for your projects.

€ 45,-
per SPOTTERON layout panel
$ 49,-
per SPOTTERON layout panel
€ 175,-
per custom panel design
$ 195,-
per custom panel design


preview langsadditional Languages

Regarding languages, we can implement an unlimited number of translations in your apps. The first 2 translations (normally native language and english) are already included in the basic subscription, starting at the third language we calculate the following additional fees:

€ 250,-
per language
$ 270,-
per language


all prices exclusive according taxes



via Skype Call or Project-Meetings (Vienna, Austria) for consulting regarding Citizen Science project for project funding calls of concepts
350,- Euro, including prior analysis and preparations

Concept & call collaboration

Consulting, design and media creation for project calls including project logos, flowcharts and diagrams
per hour 75,- €

Video- & Filmproduction

Production of project documentaries, social media teasers and explainer videos for Citizen Science projects
per hour 75,- €
Please get in contact for questions or a free quotation regarding your project.