You can download the spots of your project as CSV or connect your webservices via API in realtime.

Your project data is always available for you.  Every entry is saved into the SPOTTERON database and backups are made automatically on a daily basis. You can download your data anytime as *.CSV file for import in LibreOffice, Microsoft Excel or any database software. In addition we can provide custom APIs for your project, which enables a realtime data exchange with other webservices.

CitizenScience ExportData Example

Furthermore automatic synchronization for the user submitted images can be set up easily, so that the spot information is up to date just like the media contents are. Via API access, extended webservices can be realized with SPOTTERON, e.g. the integration of weather station data in realtime or a connection to data analysis services. Talk to our development team for futher information.

Regarding Open Data we support projects which want to publish their submissions publicly. The exports of the collected data set without user infos contains all non-sensitive database tables and can be distributed online by the project.