Project homepages

The SPOTTERON full feature package also contains a professional CMS website for your project.

The SPOTTERON Package B includes a professional project website based on a Content Management System (CMS). Launched alongside with your Citizen Science app, Package B offers a complete solution. By utilizing our optimized framework for the project's site, we provide a modern and appealing homepage for your project, both on desktop and mobile devices.

The CMS is optimized for easy administration and contains various extensions, which provide essential tools for creating new content like news, information pages or media presentations quickly. You can create any amount of content freely as you like; there are no limitations to the number of pages or items. The design of the website does reflect your project colour-scheme and logos and integrates well with the look & feel of your project. Everything is responsive and adapts to the various display sizes of modern devices, from HD full resolution to tablets and smartphone displays.

Main key features of your Citizen Science project websites are:

  • Responsive design: the design ist compatible with smartphones, tablets and monitor resolutions, up to Full HD.
  • CMS: an optimized Content Management System allows easy maintenance and on-the-fly creation of new content
  • Citizen Science Web-Application: your project is fully integrated into the website in the form of an interactive map - users can participate and contribute directly on your website.
  • Various layouts: the content pages of the website can be set to layouts like grid display, lists, etc.
  • Modular approach: Modules can extend the pages and provided various features like newsletter subscription, content blocks, videos, and more
  • SEO: the website is using search engine optimization for a better ranking and the acquisition of new Citizen Scientists
  • Newsletter: a professional newsletter component allows you to maintain lists, subscriptions and let you send HTML newsletters to your users
  • App Stores and Social media Integration: your App Stores pages and social media channels are linked in a privacy-protecting way
  • Contact forms, partner logo displays, and many more content types are available

Need more than a project website?

Thanks to our long-term experience in web design and online media, we can build anything from small projects to large scale portals like, e.g. national Citizen Science platforms, Citizen Science games, participatory web-projects with user participation in the browser and more.

Web design for Citizen Science References:


  • Zwei neue Citizen Science Apps sind auf SPOTTERON hinzugekommen. Mit "Spot-a-Bee" beobachten wir Bienen und wollen erforschen, welche Blütenpflanzen sie bevorzugen und mit der Ornithologie-App "KraMobil" dreht sich alles um Krähen und die Verhaltensforschung.

    Friday, 22 May 2020
  • Two more Citizen Science Apps have been added to the SPOTTERON Citizen Science App section! With Spot-a-Bee you can observe bee species to understand better, which flowers the favour, and with KraMobil, you can observe crows for ornithology and behavioural science. Enjoy!

    Friday, 22 May 2020