Logos, print & media

We support your project by supplying professional media like logos, mockups and teasers for Citizen Science projects.

If you do not have a professional project logo do not worry: for each Citizen Science project on the platform, we create a project logo and typography if needed. Since the first impression for new users matter, we provide all the necessary visual assets for the app store with quality in mind and design additional media to support the app's dissemination online and with the press.


A first important step in developing a Citizen Science app or website is to create a high-quality visual identity, consisting of a logo which works well in various sizes and background brightness, the general typography and, if the Citizen Science projects also has its own smartphone apps, the application icons in a wide array of sizes for implementation in the Citizen Science app files. In SPOTTERON, we take care of all those elements and produce a complete project identity and look & feel.

Examples of various logo designs for projects and platforms:

SPOTTERON Citizen Science Logo Designs for Citizen Science Projects and Platforms

Citizen Science Media

Especially right after launch, promotion of your smartphone app is a very important thing to increase awareness for your project and to reach out for new active users. For this aim, we support your project by providing high-quality media like teasers and mockup images, which are ready to be posted in social networks and on your website. These media supplements communicate the image and the topic of your release with your user base and new followers. Each media image is created in high resolution and also useable in print publications and presentations. The teasers are also used in the store listings on Google Play and Apple iTunes as the main image for the Citizen Science app pages.

From Citizen Science apps to print

We can support your project with more than just digital productions - from folders to flyers, from project cards to your posters we design and produce your print materials. Please get in contact for a custom quotation!

Examples of Citizen Science image teasers for projects on the SPOTTERON platform:

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  • Zwei neue Citizen Science Apps sind auf SPOTTERON hinzugekommen. Mit "Spot-a-Bee" beobachten wir Bienen und wollen erforschen, welche Blütenpflanzen sie bevorzugen und mit der Ornithologie-App "KraMobil" dreht sich alles um Krähen und die Verhaltensforschung.

    Friday, 22 May 2020
  • Two more Citizen Science Apps have been added to the SPOTTERON Citizen Science App section! With Spot-a-Bee you can observe bee species to understand better, which flowers the favour, and with KraMobil, you can observe crows for ornithology and behavioural science. Enjoy!

    Friday, 22 May 2020