Data quality pack

Data quality is very important in Citizen Science - a range of features are helping with the quality of user's submissions.

To foster data quality in your project, various tools are built into all apps on the platform for giving feedback, highlight well done observations for training and promote experienced users to help with classifications of all contributions.

Data quality is a very important part when running a Citizen Science project. With the SPOTTERON Data Quality Pack, we bundle a range of features which aim to increase the quality level throughout the project. Beside these functionalities, a well designed input dialog for the users is a must for any Citizen Science app to reduce the chance of errors in submissions and to guide the Citizen Scientists when entering data. 

The Data Quality Pack on SPOTTERON consists of the following extensions:

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon DataQuality EditMode

Spot edit mode

Users can edit their own spots to correct data, change the classification or set errors right. In combination with the flagging feature and community comments, this allows users to correct their data in the submissions.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon DataQuality UserRoles

User roles

With the User Role feature, project administrators are able to promote experienced users to moderators in the administration interface. These moderator users then can help by editing spots of other users to correct data. Also, the project's team members can use this feature to e.g. change classifications or attributes directly in the Citizen Science app. The original author of a spot which gets edited by a moderator receives a notification in their community newsfeed.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon DataQuality Flagging


Each user can set one flag per data points to highlight it for the project's team, for example because of a wrong classification or locations. In the administration interface, the list of spots can be be sorted by number of flags to see the most disputed entries first and adress the community's feedback.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon DataQuality SpotStats

Spot data visualization

The spot data visualization panel is built in the detail view of a spot and can be used to display number-based data as a chronological line chart. Beside direct feedback for the contributing users, it also shows number values off-scale easily and can help the Citizen Scientist to understand data and the impact, their observations have.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon DataQuality OpenData

OpenData download

Each project can decide to share the complete data-set as OpenData download under an open data license. The data download is present in the web-app's main menue and users, who want to download the data-set first have to confirm the license under which the data is released. 

The Data Quality Pack is already included in all SPOTTERON packages without additional costs.

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