Community Pack

A social community with a news-feed and modern communication tools is built directly in your Citizen Science apps from the start.

Every app on the platform includes a full feature social community toolkit with many advanced functionalities like a user's newsfeed, comments, liking, following and even push messaging for getting in contact with the participants directly.

SPOTTERON is development with the users in mind. With a wirde range of community features directly implemented in your Citizen Science apps, each SPOTTERON project becomes an interactive platform for your project. Your users can interchange information directly in app and within the interactive map on your website and follow updates of other users, project researchers & friends. All acitivities in an user's own network are summarized in the Newsfeed panel. Citizen Science should always be a personal experience, exchange of ideas and keep the participants in the spotlight.

The Community Pack on SPOTTERON consists of the following extensions:

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon CommunityPack UserProfile

User Profile

Every user of your app has a customizable profile with the option to upload a profile picture and add optional personal information like their background, a quote or a weblink. There are 5 user profile types available, ranging from individual accounts to group accounts for organizations and school classes.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon CommunityPack Comments


All spots on the map feature an own comment section below the observation's data. Users can post comments like questions or feedback and get in contact with each other. The project team itself can use a registered user account for giving direct feedback to the participants. All comments display an "appriciation button" (heart) for liking. New comments are displayed in the user's newsfeed in the app to stay informed about new activity.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon CommunityPack Likes


What would a community be without likes? All apps on the platform have a heart button right at all spots and every comments, which allows the community to give appriciation to everyone's contributions in the project. By this, the apps have a high level of interaction and acitivity which results in a stronger community and more motivation for all participants.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon CommunityPack NewsFeed


The newsfeed is a central place to show the summarized activities of every user's own network in the app and the project's direct messages to the community. The Newsfeed destincts between general activity and user's interaction on own contributions visually and a counter about the amount of unseen notifications is displayed on top of the apps.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon CommunityPack Following


Users can follow other users to create their own community network directly in the apps. If a user follows another user, their activities like the contributions, comments and likes are displayed in the newsfeed. The users who has been followed by another are notified about their new friends and can follow back by opening up the profile.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon CommunityPack Leaderboards

Community leaderboards

The leaderboard displays time-based rankings of the most active users in the app with highlighting the top three positions with a gold, silver and bronze star. The view can be switched to a weekly, monthly or yearly mode and the by using arrow buttons the time area can be adjusted.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon CommunityPack UserSearch

User Search

Users can search for other users or friends in the app's community based on the user's name or profile information and have the option to follow or unfollow them directly in the user search interface.

SPOTTERON FeatureIcon CommunityPack Emojis


Emojis are a widely used standard in modern communication and can help to set a message's tone or to give more context. All input section in the Citizen Science apps support Emojis - users can use Emojis in comments and for observation descriptions. For project administrators, also the direct messages with push notifications are compatible with Emojis.

The Community Pack is already included in all SPOTTERON packages without additional costs.

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