Community features

The users can interact via comments and following and create networks - your project becomes an interactive plattform.
CC BY: Alex | Flickr

SPOTTERON is development with the users in mind. With the community features like comments, following and messaging currently in development each SPOTTERON project becomes an interactive platform for your project. Your users can interchange information directly in app and within the map integrations on your website and follow updates of other connected users. All acitivities are summarized in the users status feed and an overview regarding the friends network is provided.

Our project partners can also make direct use of the community features with their project admin user accounts and send updates regarding the plattform and the project directly to the active users as direct messages with push notifications. The growing user community in the apps takes Citizen Science to a new level by having a full feature social network ready for custom Citizen Science projects. The core elements combined form an interactive environment, which is based on communication and exchange between Citizen Scientists and the project itself.


Click VIEW IMAGES to see this one.   Comments
Users can now comment on spots and updates. Below every spot, there are now tabs with a comments section and the update grid.
Click VIEW IMAGES to see this one.   Liking
Users can now like spots (by giving a heart) and also comments including counters and user notifications.
Click VIEW IMAGES to see this one.   Following
Users can now follow each other to display their ongoing activity in the newsfeed panel.
Click VIEW IMAGES to see this one.   User Search
Users can now search for other users and add them to their network by following or unfollowing them.
Click VIEW IMAGES to see this one.   Newsfeed
In this panel, all activity comes together and users can see whats new in their network and it also integrates your direct messages.
Click VIEW IMAGES to see this one.   Notifications
All community based actions are combined with a notification system on the smartphones, which keeps users informed about new activities.



As Citizen Scientists ourselves, this is a huge step forward to create a Citizen Science platform, which is not only about collecting data with the help of Citizen Scientists, but also to immerse users in the science project and to create a real social experience in Citizen Science. As stated in the definitions by various steering organizations, Citizen Science should always give something back to the Citizen Scientists. And, along with the already existing Direct Message feature, we are now providing the tools for that. Citizen Science should always be a personal experience and keep the participants in the spotlight.

Social Citizen Science Apps - Detail View
Spot detail view version 2 with likes and comment counters

Social Citizen Science Apps - Newsfeed
User Newsfeed with activity and direct messages

Social Citizen Science Apps - Comments
Comment section tab with likes and comment form

Social Citizen Science Apps - User Search
User search with follow / unfollow buttons and user infos