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The Citizen Science apps have all features of the platform from start and are optimized for easy use.

We design the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform from a unique perspective: by Citizen Scientists for Citizen Science. Through that approach, we are not only focussing on simple data collection, but provide an interactive environment for all the users in the Citizen Science apps.

Citizen Science is a symbiosis between the science and the partcipants, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, interests and motivations. In SPOTTERON, we use our over 15 years of experience in design, user interfaces and online communication to create a common platform, which is easy to use and flexible enough for a wide range of Citizen Science projects. If Citizen Science should play an important part in the daily lives of the Citizen Scientists, the focus must be set on user experience and usabilty in apps and websites, simply because nowadays, participants are used to high quality apps and a broad spectrum of functionalities. In SPOTTERON we design not only for the project or data submission part, but also for the users themselves by implementing communication and community features and provide a modern and fast interface for all Citizen Science apps.

The modular design of the system also allows users to login with their account in any of the SPOTTERON Citizen Science apps, so as a participant, you don't have to register all over again if you are interested in using more than one app. The interactivity benefits from this shared use concept, too. Users can post comments in all other topics, not only their first installed application, which results in high involvement and frequent use while learning about new things. SPOTTERON is designed as an interdisciplinary plattform, in which users can document sightings, exchange their ideas and explore new topics by getting involved - with distinct benefits for the science and the long term motivation within a Citizen Science project.

Social Citizen Science Apps - SPOTTERON Platform Interface
General Interface and User Elements

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User Search (part of the community package)


  • Take a look at our updated Citizen Science app page, where you can find active international and national projects, running on the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform. Join volunteer monitoring and interactive research projects by just clicking on the app store buttons or interactive map link.

    Friday, 07 December 2018
  • The new SPOTTERON platform version 2.5.0 has been released. Highlights are the new offline map mode and badges to earn & collect in all Citizen Science apps on the platform. Read more about the new features in our Citizen Science Blog!

    Wednesday, 07 November 2018