Push messages

Send your users push messages directly on their smartphones as status updates for your project.
CC BY: Rory Murdock | Flickr

Besides the communication and interaction functionalities, the SPOTTERON Community Pack also features a direct messaging tool for all Citizen Science projects. You can send short messages with push notifications directly to the smartphones of the Citizen Scientists in your app, to inform them directly about project updates, outcomes or other news.

The SPOTTERON Community Pack is all about communication. With the push message feature, Citizen Science projects can stay in touch with their user base. From the administration interface, short messages with max. 280 letters can be composed and with just a click sent to all the smartphones that have your Citizen Science apps installed.

Reaching out to your Citizen Science community

When you compose and send a push message, the phones of the participants will then make the bell sound and your message is displayed directly in the notification area on Android and IOS. The users can select a message with just one touch to open up your Citizen Science app. The message panel shows the contents in the Citizen Science app. All direct messages are shown automatically in the newsfeed of every user along with the community activity of the user's account.

The push messages support Emojis and links to any website, including your own project website, making this feature a unique tool to disseminate news and updates about your project and to engage Citizen Scientists.

Whatsnew S7 general04 Messages Notifications v2
Push Notification in the phones notification area

Whatsnew S7 general03 SpotList 540px
Messages Panel in the Citizen Science App


  • Zwei neue Citizen Science Apps sind auf SPOTTERON hinzugekommen. Mit "Spot-a-Bee" beobachten wir Bienen und wollen erforschen, welche Blütenpflanzen sie bevorzugen und mit der Ornithologie-App "KraMobil" dreht sich alles um Krähen und die Verhaltensforschung.

    Friday, 22 May 2020
  • Two more Citizen Science Apps have been added to the SPOTTERON Citizen Science App section! With Spot-a-Bee you can observe bee species to understand better, which flowers the favour, and with KraMobil, you can observe crows for ornithology and behavioural science. Enjoy!

    Friday, 22 May 2020