Citizen Science WhatsApp group

Citizen Scientists go Social!

Inspired by iDiv Summer School 2019, we have created a new public WhatsApp group to serve as a communication channel for all players, stakeholders, and academics in Citizen Science. 

The group is open to anybody in the field, and the link can, of course, be shared!

Read more in our Citizen Science Blog!

Short News

  • Three new papers on the SemantiX project titled "Accessing Multiple Semantic EO Data Cubes in One Graphical User Interface", " Think global, cube local: an Earth Observation Data Cube’s contribution to the Digital Earth vision", and "Semantic Querying in Earth Observation Data Cubes" have been added to the SPOTTERON paper section.

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  • The CrowdWater Citizen Science App running on the SPOTTERON platform has been updated with new options in the Stream Typ category, allowing users to collect info on water quality, clarity, pollution, and more. Additionally, the interactive map is now available with Satellite View. Read more about CrowdWater.

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