Philipp Hummer

Team PhilippHummer SPOTTERONPhilipp Hummer (male) is CEO and leader of the Design at SPOTTERON. He is a professional designer and founder of SPOTTERON Gmbh, with over 18 years of experience in design, web design, user interface design, media production, online media, visual design and team management.

Philipp was born in Wels, Upper Austria and was undertaking expeditions into nature already as a little kid. The term "Citizen Science" was not yet present in these times, but Philipp sent his first species observations of Green Toads (Bufo viridis) to the Natural History Museum's herpetology department when he was just 8 years old. Via postal letter -  because internet or smartphone apps were not a thing back then!

Philipp's second most favourite thing in the universe is Art and Visual Aesthetics. Drawing and painting have always been a big part of his life, sparking also his interest in visual design and media production. When the internet came to households, a love was born. Philipp built his first websites in pure handcrafted HTML when modems did make sounds. This all conglomerated in a ton of experience and practice, which is now applied at the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform.

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  • Summertime and the living is easy - especially for Citizen Scientists contributing their observations to projects running on the SPOTTERON platform.
    Excursions and field trips are excellent opportunities to observe nature in all its glory. From the phenological development of indicator plants for projects such as Climate Watch Australia or the ZAMG Nature's Calendar to mammal observations in Kenya via the MAKENYA App - there are plenty of different scientific fields in which citizens and scientists can engage in the collection of valuable scientific data via the SPOTTERON apps when they're out and about. Read more on the Citizen Science Blog.

    Monday, 13 September 2021
  • At SPOTTERON, we create Citizen Science Apps for a wide array of scientific fields. One of the most exciting topics in Citizen Science is phenology, the study of periodic events in biological life cycles and how seasonal variations influence these in climate.  SPOTTERON currently houses two major phenology projects on the platform, the ZAMG Naturkalender (Nature's Calendar) from Austria and Climate Watch Australia - the first phenology project of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Read more on the Citizen Science Blog.

    Monday, 09 August 2021