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ArtSpots is a community-built art atlas. Through the app people who are interested in various art forms like Street Art, historic or contemporary art, photography, architecture and more can put their art observations on the map and discover art spots in their own city or while travelling. The art community in the app allows exchanging with other like-minded people and contributing to a world-wide art collection. Let's spot art together!

By sharing their observations with others in the ArtSpots app, users help each other to explore local creativity or revisit art exhibitions, street art places and graffiti hotspots. In the App, users can choose a wide range of art forms, from street art and graffiti to design, from historical artworks to contemporary art or even architecture. Participants can also share art hotspots on the map, like museums or the modern gallery around the corner.

Each art spot is visible for all app users to connect with the local artists and the art community. By working together, art enthusiasts from all fields can join collectively and create an extensive collection together. It is even possible to upload timelines of locations to document the development or cover new exhibitions in an art gallery.

ArtSpots, like its successor project "Street Art", is running on the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform - it is free and non-commercial.

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