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University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel University Institute of Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology
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StreetMind contributes to a better understanding how environmental factors like urbanicity or climate change influence how individuals across Europe and the world feel, act, and behave. Participants make up their minds with fellow citizens and scientists and share their daily experiences of their surroundings and the environment where they live, work, and interact.

How do people feel in certain places? Is it safe? Is it crowded? Does a particular area influence the sense of well-being? Interacting with other people in the StreetMind Citizen Science App - inspired by a community of fellow citizens - helps to make people aware of and identify things that can reduce the negative impact of significant environmental challenges. Each experience becomes part of a larger experience network across the globe.

StreetMind is part of the research project environMENTAL funded by the European Union to address the question: How can we reduce the impact of significant environmental challenges on our well-being?

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