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Green Growth Wildlife

Green Growth Suriname
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The Green Growth Wildlife App intends to address Suriname's existing lack of a centralized system for biodiversity information. With the App, users can efficiently map and analyze the status of Suriname's unique wildlife by gathering data through it.

Green Growth Wildlife is the second project from South America on the SPOTTERON citizen science platform. Suriname is a small country in South America, an impressive 93 percent of it is covered in dense forests that are home to a wide range of unique wildlife.

A Citizen Science App to monitor Suriname's unique wildlife

The long-term goal is to build an engaged community of Citizen Scientists who will serve as the eyes and ears of Suriname's 93% wooded landscape by routinely updating the app with their observations, giving us a complete view of Suriname's wildlife. Finally, these data will help Suriname's policymakers manage biodiversity sustainably.

Citizens can contribute to protecting natural resources with the Green Growth Wildlife app. They contribute to conservation efforts by sharing their encounters with flora and fauna. Researchers, lawmakers, and conservationists may access the collected data, allowing for evidence-based decision-making.

With the Green Growth Wildlife App, Citizen Scienctists can help define Suriname's biodiversity management policy and contribute to the conservation of the country's unique ecosystem by leveraging technology and citizen involvement.

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