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Nature's Calender Burgenland is the next regional project of the Nature's Calender app family. The Citizen Science app can be used locally for phenology observations in nature and offers all community functions and features for species classfication. By the local character of the Citizen Science app especially schools and educational institutions in the region can participate in an optimal way.

The Burgenland Nature Calendar is the regional project of Burgenland's nature parks. With their 10-season hedge, students, teachers, and parents observe the leaf budding, flowering or fruit ripening of wild and cultivated plants right before the classroom. With the Nature Calendar Burgenland app, farmers, foresters, nature park guests, and anyone interested in nature can also participate in the observations.

By phenological observation of plants, animals on leaves, flowers or paws, Citizen Scientists can help to explore how climate change affects animals & plants.

In cooperation with students from 19 Burgenland Nature Park schools, the Nature Calendar App documents when the plants in their wild hedgerow sprout leaves, blossom, fruit and colour their foliage. Plants act as very sensitive measuring instruments of the atmosphere near the ground and react directly to recent years' "crazy" temperature development with increasingly early flowering or fruit ripening. The project aims to understand the climate and nature development and to react regionally to it.

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