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Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy (SCPHRP)
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Our Outdoors is a citizen science project which aims to find out more about what users experience when they are in public spaces such as parks, beaches, canals, and town squares. It was developed by researchers in the Scottish Collaboration of Public Health Research and Practice (SCPHRP) at the University of Edinburgh in partnership with Sustrans, the MRC and citizens.

The objectives of the project are to help understand:

  • Which public spaces give people feelings of well-being and which do not
  • Whether public outdoor spaces affect people’s wellbeing differently
  • Whether changes to the outdoor spaces (such as planting trees, putting in paths) result in people feeling better in them

By collecting records Citizen Scientists contribute to a national database, which will be used to rate and improve outdoor spaces across Scotland. The data is used to create interactive maps, reports and research for citizens, researchers and policymakers alike, to better understand how shared public spaces contribute to the health of communities, and which need improving.

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