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PATIO stands for "Patient Involvement in Oncology" and is a project of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Applied Diagnostics, which deals with citizen involvement after the diagnosis of prostate cancer. In the PatioSpots app, users can enter, find & rate WC facilities, as well as treatment, counseling and important contact points in their surrounding area. 

The diagnosis "cancer" is a drastic experience and during a therapy, as well as in life afterwards, it challenges those affected comprehensively. Therefore, a practical solution was developed with the active participation of those affected. The "PATIOSpots" app takes up various focal points in a multi-stage process that is intended to make life with the disease easier. 

The "PATIO" project is being implemented together with researchers from academia and a patient spokesperson and co-founder of Self-Help Prostate Cancer Austria in the core team. In the extended team, 13 patients and one family member contribute with their knowledge and life experience. The goal is to make everyday life with prostate cancer easier for those affected with the help of a digital communication tool. The "PATIO" initiative is currently supported by the Open Innovation in Science Center of the Ludwig Boltzmann Society.

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