Celebrating Participation - Celebrating #CitizenScience! Collectible Cards for #CitSciOz21


For the Australian #CitSciOz21 conference, we made something special. Throughout the conference, we will reveal 12 #CitSci Collectors Cards, highlighting user contributions in various Australian Apps on the SPOTTERON Platform. In this blog post, you can find all Collectible Cards revealed time by time. Enjoy!

We will update all previous Cards after the end of each conference day, so please check back if you want to see them all at once,
or follow us at @SPOTTERON on Twitter for the live feed:

All Citizen Science Collectible Cards from the Australian #CitScioz21 Conference

Celebrate, Communicate, Co-create - Australia's gr...


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Saturday, 27 November 2021

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  • Citizen Science is leading to remarkable developments worldwide, and in Australia in particular. Between bushfires and a global pandemic, and being a country that faces the effects of climate change on a large scale, it has seen an influx in citizen-driven science projects in recent times, uniting people to achieve a common goal. This October, the CitSciOZ21 conference is taking place under the motto "Celebrate, Communicate, Co-Create". Apart from the opportunity to network with fellow attendees, speakers and sponsors, it will showcase some of the most successful Citizen Science projects in the country and worldwide. Read more on the Citizen Science Blog!

    Thursday, 28 October 2021
  • Summertime and the living is easy - especially for Citizen Scientists contributing their observations to projects running on the SPOTTERON platform.
    Excursions and field trips are excellent opportunities to observe nature in all its glory. From the phenological development of indicator plants for projects such as Climate Watch Australia or the ZAMG Nature's Calendar to mammal observations in Kenya via the MAKENYA App - there are plenty of different scientific fields in which citizens and scientists can engage in the collection of valuable scientific data via the SPOTTERON apps when they're out and about. Read more on the Citizen Science Blog.

    Monday, 13 September 2021