FiBL Austria

FiBL Austria is a non-profit association that specializes in scientific expertise in current issues in the areas of agriculture, food processing and consumption. His main competencies lie in practical research, application-oriented studies and the communication of in-depth biological knowledge. As a recognized scientific institution, it plays an active role in networking all those involved along the organic food value chain.

Short News

  • A new paper titled "Citizen Science Approaches for Water Quality Measurements" has been published by the scientists behind CrowdWater. Find it in the papers section!

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  • A new paper from the Horizon 2020 project IPM titled "Genetic variability of Metarhizium isolates from the Ticino Valley Natural Park (Northern Italy) as a possible microbiological resource for the management of Popillia japonica" has been added to our page. Find this and other Citizen Science related publications on the SPOTTERON Papers & Publications section.

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