Global 2000

GLOBAL 2000 is an Austrian environmental organisation. It was founded in 1982 in Vienna and consists of the associations "GLOBAL 2000 Umweltschutzorganisation" (environmental organisation) and "GLOBAL 2000 Umweltforschungsinstitut (UFI)" (environmental research institute founded in 1991). The organisation claims to work independently and critically for a green, sustainable and healthy environment. Since 1998 it also is member of the worldwide environmental protection network Friends of the Earth and thereby a sister organisation of BUND(Germany) and Pro Natura (Switzerland).

Short News

  • A new paper from the Horizon 2020 project IPM titled "Genetic variability of Metarhizium isolates from the Ticino Valley Natural Park (Northern Italy) as a possible microbiological resource for the management of Popillia japonica" has been added to our page. Find this and other Citizen Science related publications on the SPOTTERON Papers & Publications section.

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  • Three new papers on the SemantiX project titled "Accessing Multiple Semantic EO Data Cubes in One Graphical User Interface", " Think global, cube local: an Earth Observation Data Cube’s contribution to the Digital Earth vision", and "Semantic Querying in Earth Observation Data Cubes" have been added to the SPOTTERON paper section.

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