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COSEA | Collaboration for Effective Sea Action

With the COSEA App, Citizen Scientists can observe marine environments, document coastal habitats or species, and report on pollution, infrastructure and the blue economy. Their contributions on the map and activity in the app will help scientists better understand the impacts and drivers of marine factors to protect and foster a healthy relationship between humans and seas.

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This project has received funding
from the European Union's Horizon Europe
research and innovation program
under grant agreement No. 101112752 and 101135343.

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COSEA emerged from a collaboration between the following two Horizon Europe projects:

The EFFECTIVE project's mission is to protect and restore the EU’s Mediterranean Blue Natural Capital. By combining cutting-edge science, technological nature-based solutions, digitalization, and social implications, we will create a comprehensive knowledge base and practical guidance for ecosystem-based management.

The TRANSEATION project's main objective is to demonstrate the effectiveness of marine and coastal hybrid blue-grey infrastructures and validate a new level of ecosystem-based management. TRANSEATION is combining nature-based solutions, social implications, and digitalization for the protection and restoration of marine ecosystem health and services.

As an open, participatory, and community-driven project, COSEA invites actors, stakeholders, environment groups, associations, youth projects, and others to co-use the COSEA App for observations, data collection, and community-building. In the COSEA App, participants can add photos and data, so-called spots, on the map. By submitting their observations and documentation, they can build up an environment notebook in ther user profile and map area. It is also possible to interact, comment, and exchange with others in the user community, or simply respond to the contribution of a friend in the app with a heart or like.

During the course of the project, SPOTTERON will be building innovative tools for users, enabling independent and self-governed usage of COSEA for marine and coastal activities. The common goal is to extend a deep care for seas and their resilience in changing times and provide a platform for participants to learn more about marine protection, social impacts and sustainable use of natural resources.


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