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This project gives interested Citizen Scientists, who range from school pupils to amateur collectors and professional scientists, a basis for identifying new fossil findings, publishing these and thereby completing the network of data from the Earth history in Austria.

We are excited to present the latest web app on the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform today: The Fossilfinder is the new tool for hobby and professional palaeontologists to document fossil finds throughout Austria and beyond.

Time travel through the history of the earth with fascinating fossils!

In the new Fossilfinder web app, both young and experienced researchers can share and discuss their fossil discoveries with the Citizen Science Community. Whether animal or plant fossils, dinosaurs or insects, or even just traces of fossils - every find provides valuable information about the history of the earth and thus helps complete the data on it.
Furthermore, participants can also indicate the age from which the find originates.

Sharing fossil finds and places

In addition to the fossils themselves, there is also the option of entering a location on the web app's interactive map. This can be a museum, a university, a nature park, or other relevant places for fossil finds.

The Fossilfinder web app was developed in close cooperation with Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Alexander Lukeneder from the Natural History Museum Vienna with SPOTTERON.

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