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"EBW" stands for "Ergebnisorientierte Bewirtschaftung" ("result-oriented management") and is a highly specialized app for farmers and agriculturists to increase biodiversity in Austrian agricultural and natural landscapes.

It serves to agree on concrete results or goals as part of an inspection of agricultural areas by experts, which are to be achieved in these areas as nature conservation measures. These goals remain flexible and can be determined by farmers themselves.

The indicators for the ecological quality of an area range from the preservation of certain plant species, and the creation of near-natural structures to the establishment of a breeding population of various bird species. With these indicators, improvements in the area of ​​landscape ecology, species protection, and renaturation can be measured and quantified in the course of the project participation of the farms. The "EBW" app developed on the SPOTTERON platform is used for this project goal.

The experts in the project use an input dialog to draw areas on the map and set goals in cooperation with the local farmers. For this purpose, a "user role" function was developed in the project, which allows the entry of area data to be only available to experts. The "Farmer" user role, in turn, enables new status entries and data updates to be continuously uploaded to an area and thus changes and developments to be documented with the app. The app is not designed to be used with the general public but is used to collect data from a specific target group.

To manage and support the project, the project team has access to an extensive administration interface, which, as is standard practice on the SPOTTERON platform, also has a range of communication tools and community tools available. The data records created in the project can be exported at any time in the administration interface and used for project analysis and further evaluation of achieved goals.

A modern project website was also created as part of the project, which presents the project, provides assistance for participants, and also enables farmers to register in the project.

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