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Recently the Falling Walls Global Call selected 50 finalists for the best science engagement projects from around the world! Among them are two Citizen Science projects whose Apps run on the SPOTTERON platform - YouCount, funded by Horizon Europe and Soils for Science from the University of Queensland, Institute for Molecular Bioscience.

As part of these projects and the Horizon Europe Consortium for Youth & Social Citizen Science, we are absolutely excited about this honor! In this blog, we would like to give an overview of the Falling Walls Foundation and the Falling Walls Global Call and present the two finalist projects with their innovative approaches.

Who is Falling Walls?

Falling Walls is a Berlin-based non-profit foundation that hosted its first conference in 2009. It is a unique global hub connecting science, business, and society from diverse backgrounds. Since then, Falling Walls has become an ever-growing network of the most forward-thinking minds from around the globe. Annually, they are looking for the newest and most innovative breakthroughs of the year in the so-called  Falling Walls Global Call.

What is the Falling Walls Global Call?

As an international competition format, the Falling Walls Global Call provides a platform for researchers and innovators to present their outstanding projects that address global challenges on the one hand and represent scientific knowledge across borders and disciplines on the other.

YouCount and Soils for Science are selected finalists of the Falling Walls Global Call

2x Falling Walls Global Call Finalist

 1. YouCount, funded by Horizon Europe

YouCount aims to engage young people across nine European countries as young citizen scientists, encouraging their contributions to knowledge about participation in society. To comprehend the perspectives of young individuals and their diverse positions, it is essential to identify the environments where they feel accepted and included, as well as those situations and places where they feel excluded and marginalized

We are especially happy about the nomination since SPOTTERON is a consortium member of the awarded Horizon 2020 project. With our active Horizon Europe participation, we bring innovative Citizen Science Apps and interactive tools to European Citizen Science projects. Learn more about our participation in Horizon Europe and other research funding programs here: https://www.spotteron.net/about/citizen-science-in-horizon-europe-partnerships

With the applied methodology of Social Citizen Science, YouCount focuses on social inclusion, understood as equal opportunities for young people to participate in society, and sheds light on social participation, connectedness, social belonging, and citizenship. Find more information here: https://www.spotteron.net/apps/horizon-2020-horizon-europe/youcount-youth-citizen-science

 2. Soils for Science from the University of Queensland

Soils for Science aims to inform the public on the importance of antibiotic resistance in modern healthcare, and soil microbes as a source of next-generation antibiotics. Soils for Science provides the public with free sampling kits to collect soil samples rich in microbial biodiversity (bacteria and fungi).

Pure microbes will be isolated by UQ researchers and used as a resource to search for new and improved antibiotics. High-resolution images of the microbial communities found in each soil sample will be uploaded to the Soils for Science website, where the public can find their own sample(s), to zoom in and view the marvellous and miniature world of microbes. Find more information here: https://www.spotteron.net/apps/regional-community-science-projects/soils-for-science

3. SPOTTERONs technology for Citizen Science Apps 

Since 2014, SPOTTERON is providing Citizen Science Apps and Services for science projects and institutions with a strong focus on design, technical professionality, reliability and user interaction. We offer a customizable and affordable system for applications in the areas of Citizen Science, Citizen Action, environmental protection and volunteer monitoring. In cooperation with research projects, we develop independent smartphone Apps for Android and IOS, interactive applications for browsers such as map applications or citizen science games, and provide a stable and reliable platform for projects.

Our long term experience in design, media and web technologies comes together with our focus on innovation for science communication and interactive Citizen Science Apps. More information about SPOTTERONs mission can be found here: https://www.spotteron.net/about/mission

The Falling Walls Science Summit 

Inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall on the night of November 9, 1989, Falling Walls is organizing a three-day gathering from November 7-9: the Falling Walls Science Summit. It will conclude Berlin Science Week, which will take place November 1–10, 2023. This annual event serves as a catalyst for innovation by fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and promoting breakthrough thinking. The 50 selected finalists will be announced on stage and have the opportunity to make their honored ideas accessible to society. We are already looking forward to the event!

Tune in November 7-9 to watch the Falling Walls awards ceremony live on the online live stream.

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