Citizen Science Award 2023

Citizen Science Award 2023

The Citizen Science Award 2023, organized by OeAD, is currently taking place in Austria from April 1st to July 31st. Those who participate in one of the eight projects, will have the chance to win and be part of the Young Science Conference in October 2023. We are proud to announce that two of our project partners belong to the available projects and therefore are part of this significant initiative to promote Citizen Science.  

 1. SoilPlastic with "Bunter Boden"

The SoilPlastic App by MINAGRIS is inviting Citizen Scientists to spot plastic in agricultural soil in order to create a deeper understanding of the impact of micro-plastics and nano-plastics on biodiversity, plant productivity and ecosystem services. 

The MINAGRIS consortium is an institution founded by Horizon Europe and counts 20 partners from 12 EU Member States with various biogeographical regions of different farming systems and soils across Europe. Meanwhile, the SoilPlastic App has already recorded more than 8500 spots! With the ongoing Citizen Science Award, the collected data will increase much more in the coming months. We are absolutely excited!


2. Litterbug with "Plastic Alps"

The Litterbug App by Global 2000, the Austrian Alpine Association "Edelweiß" and the Alpine Club "Gebirgsverein“, addresses the problem of plastic waste in natural habitats like forests, lakes and rivers. As part of the Citizen Science Award, the Plastic Alps project focuses on plastic waste in the Austrian Alps, using the Litterbug App to track plastic from high regions in Tirol to the highlands of Burgenland.

The overall goals of this project are realizing recommendations for political actions for high-stress mountain sites, promoting awareness about careless littering of the environment and collecting data about trash hotspots and types of trash found in the mountains. By doing so, the project aims to make a significant impact in reducing plastic waste in the Austrian Alps.


Open Call of Sparkling Science 2.0

 The Open Call of Sparkling Science 2.0 is also starting at the beginning of June 2023! 
Sparkling Science is another initiative of OeAD, promoting research projects that foster collaboration between research and educational institutions, as well as civil society, to generate innovative research results.

You also want the public's participation for your project? Contact SPOTTERON to create your Citizen Science App for your scientific research and become part of the Citizen Science Community!

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