ECSA 2018 - from the Conference about Citizen Science in Geneva, Switzerland

Monday, 18 June 2018 13:45

Every two years, a big conference about Citizen Science takes place in an European Country - this time we travelled to Geneva in Switzerland, where the ECSA 2018 was happening.


To us, the ECSA 2018 conference is not only about being present, but also a place to meet new and already familiar people, learn about new Citizen Science projects, participate and to hold our own talks during our session. Further, we set up our own SPOTTERON station with hands-on devices with various CitSci projects running on the Citizen Science platform, statements from Citizen Scientists from our survey #WeAreCitizenScientists, our film equipment for sure and a small zoo of plastic animals we collect from flea markets.

Since we have also built the website for the European Citizen Science Association and Science et Cité in Switzerland, we were also part of the team right before to design the Citizen Science related website and we helped with technical and design questions during the organisation process. Beyond that, as it was also part of the Australian Citizen Science Conference CitSciOz2018 this year by the Australian Citizen Science Association, we offered to sponsor a full SPOTTERON app package A for one European project for free - if you are interested you can still participate in the contest on the official conference website here: ECSA 2018 Citizen Science Contest - Free App Package

After the ECSA 2018 Conference, we also attended the SGHL Summit in Zurich, Switzerland for more Citizen Science and Hydrology where we also held a talk about the chances and challenges of Citizen Science apps and how design is an important part of that. We have recorded all talks to be released as online videos, so stay tuned and best follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our Newsletter to not miss any of this.

But enough words, here is a short video from the ECSA 2018 Citizen Science Conference in Geneva, Switzerland showing some impressions. Enjoy!

(true to the principle of we do not track users, this video has been embedded with the enhanced privacy mode)


  • At SPOTTERON, we love it when science, design and art come together to create something quite special and unique. One of those special things are the clay animation videos by Max Helmberger. We asked Max a few questions about him and his work. Read more on the citizen science blog!

    Monday, 09 December 2019
  • The Release Notes of the SPOTTERON platform has been updated, the new version 2.9. brings the new "Validated data" feature with wihich the administrators now can set observations to "checked" and build a validated Citizen Science data set for scientific research directly in the Citizen Science app.

    Wednesday, 04 December 2019