Thank you for all the Citizen Science in 2023!

SPOTTERON Season Card 2023 - Thanks for all the Citizen Science

The year 2023 is slowly coming to an end, but before everyone goes into the well-deserved holidays, here is a quick update about SPOTTERON, new upcoming features, and also a nice season card handcrafted for you. But to start off with the most important thing: thank you very much for bringing so many interesting projects and features to SPOTTERON this year! We are deeply grateful for your ongoing support and for allowing us to continuously extend the quality and possibilities of the platform.

 A special Holiday Season Card for Citizen Science

As it has become a long-running tradition, we have designed a special Holiday Season Card for 2023 to express our gratitude. We're hoping it makes you smile and spreads some holiday cheer. Here you can find it in high-quality resolution:

Besides all the long-running projects and new Citizen Science Apps joining on SPOTTERON, highlights this year have also been the two new funded Horizon Europe projects about maritime ecosystem restoration, ocean research and protection of our seas. The first of the two, named "EFFECTIVE has already started. We are excited about the new features and innovations we will develop in the course of those projects! To celebrate this, our season card for 2023 is themed accordingly — we hope you like it!

From the 22th of December, we will take some time off to visit loved ones and recharge over the holidays. We will be back in office regularly on the 11th of January, ready to tackle the new year with renewed energy and enthusiasm - Happy holidays and see you in 2024!

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Conference Design for the YouCount Social Citizen ...

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Saturday, 15 June 2024

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