New Citizen Science WhatsApp Group online

Wednesday, 04 September 2019 18:00

Inspired by the iDiv Summer School 2019, we have created a new public WhatsApp group to serve as a direct communication channel for all members, stakeholders, and academics in Citizen Science.

Possible Goals for the the Citizen Science WhatsApp group:

  • sharing moments in Citizen Science
  • to create a direct communication channel for stakeholders, scientists and other players in Citizen Science
  • to create self-sustaining and low-threshold exchange about ideas and views
  • to exchange of knowledge and best practice advise between various players in Citizen Science
  • experience sharing
  • direct news can be posted about developments in Citizen Science in the EU and worldwide.

It is an experiment at this level, let's see if the new group can kick off.
Of course, if you have any questions about the SPOTTERON apps, you can ask them in the group as well.
The communication language will be English.

The group is open to anybody in the field and the link can, of course, be shared!

Join the Citizen Science WhatsApp group now via this invite link:

contact whatsapp   

Join the Citizen Science WhatsApp Group here:

Sadly, the Signal Messenger doesn't have the option to share groups publicly, yet. We hope this will change in the future and we'll keep you posted about further developments in our Citizen Science Blog!



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