The Our Outdoors Citizen Science App has been updated!

Our Outdoors is a citizen science project to learn more about what you and others experience in public spaces such as parks, beaches, canals, and town squares.
With the new update, the App has not only been brought to the latest technological standard of the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform. It also received a new polished design for its user interface with colorful buttons for reporting emotions about a particular place, ranging from green (positive) to red (negative), offering users a more intuitive experience.

A significant feature of the App is the possibility of rating the observed places: each emotion indicates a specific value which, upon uploading your Spot, calculates an average in the background, resulting in an "Average Spot Rating" visible in the Detail Spot View.

Redesigned buttons in the Our Outdoors Citizen Science App
An intuitive colour scheme allows users to rate places from positive (green) to negative (red).
A rated spot in the Our Outdoors Citizen Science App

With these updates, the Our Outdoors App has been improved as a tool to monitor public spaces in Scotland to make them even greater.
Find more info and how to download the Citizen Science App here:

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Friday, 02 December 2022

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