New Version, many Updates: SPOTTERON v.0.1.8 is ready!

New Version, many Updates: SPOTTERON v.0.1.8 is ready!

During the last weeks we worked hard to deliver a huge update of the SPOTTERON Apps to you and in the meantime the new version 0.1.8 has been officially released for Android and sent in for review in Apple's iTunes.

 Whats new?

icon green spotteron  

complete design update

Your SPOTTERON Apps have been completly overhauled and are now much easier to use. From the main menue to the map display, everything has been redesigned to fit into the new and fresh graphic user interface.

icon blue addspot  

ADD SPOT dialog

The submission of your spots is now easier and faster. There is no need anymore to lock in the location and also the title field has been removed for your convenience.

icon purple queue  

offline spotting

If you are out in the wild without internet connection now you can save spots on your phone and upload them later. When you are ready to submit your entries you can also edit them before uploading.

icon gold mylocation  

my location

Your SPOTTERON apps are now using your current location as the starting point. Furthermore, the "my location" button now zooms directly to your position via GPS signal.

icon pink newspots  

newest spots

Ever wondered which spots have been recently uploaded in your SPOTTERON App by the users? Now you can switch from "visible spots" to "newest spots" in the list display.

icon tuerkis ranking  


Wanna have some competition? You now can view the 10 most active users in every SPOTTERON app by opening up the ranking panel.


The update is distributed automatically via the app stores. You can also download the update directly in Google play and Apple iTunes on your smartphone. The links to the apps are available at and on the websites of the according partners..

And that's how it looks like:
SPOTTERON v 0.1.8 Gallery

Thanks and happy spotting!

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Thursday, 30 June 2022

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