Design process for Citizen Science project AmphiApp (BOKU Vienna)

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The AmphiBiom project from BOKU Vienna focuses on comprehensive protection of the green toad and has therefore launched a new amphibian Citizen Science project: AmphiApp. SPOTTERON had the honor of visualizing the project and designing the Citizen Science App AmphiApp, the website, the logo and visual identity,  as well as print materials. The latter included information materials such as a flyer and a brochure, as well as stickers, wooden rulers and pencils - all produced near Vienna to the highest sustainable and ecological production standards. In this blog, we share these print materials online and provide insights into SPOTTERONs print design process for research projects.

SPOTTERONs Logodesign for AmphiApp

Besides monitoring toads through a Citizen Science App via visual and sound observations, the Citizen Science project of AmphiBiom is also remarkable as it involves sending ponds (limited number) to Citizen Scientists, who install the ponds on their properties and observe the activities within, subsequently sending data and information to the scientists. Consequently, it was crucial for the logo to not only reflect the theme of amphibians but also convey the significance of ponds. The result forms a simple, but still organically, hand drawn logo design:

Construction of Logo Visual (AmphiApp)

Key Visual of AmphiApp

For the Key visual of AmphiBiom / AmphiApp we created a montage of the green toad and a newly emerged water source, which is the preferred habitat of the critically endangered species. It is a typical pioneer species that quickly colonize these kind of waters. The photo was originally captured at night by Sven Dragon (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Biology).

Key Visual of the Citizen Science App AmphiApp and AmphiBiom project. Photo used with kind permission of AmphiBiom (Janette Siebert), Photo author: Sven Dragon

Information Materials: A6-Flyer and 8-pages Brochure

A6 Flyer Front Page
A6 Flyer Front and Back Page
8-pages Brochure
8-pages Brochure
8-pages Brochure

Sticker, Wooden Ruler and Pencil

Wooden Ruler produced out of sustainable wood from Austria
Wooden Pencils produced out of sustainable wood from Austria
Big and small Stickers for the Citizen Science App AmphiApp
Citizen Science print design (sticker and brochure)

The Printing Process

We coordinated the entire printing process and ensured seamless delivery of the print materials directly to the university. At SPOTTERON, we prioritize printing partners committed to the highest standards of sustainability. In this particular project, our printing partner was based in Vienna and holded numerous certifications, such as EMA, FSC, PEFC, Klimabündnis-Betrieb (Climate Alliance Operation), CSR, and Printed in Austria. This contains the use of certified sustainable paper and sustainable wood from Austria (FSC) for the ruler and pencil, as well as environmentally friendly work processes within the printing office.

For projects located outside of Austria, we either contact local printing offices to keep the delivery distance as short as possible and/or look for other sustainable options, including certified, sustainable online print shops.

We really appreciate being part of this project and want to thank all people involved for the very good cooperation! We are already very excited about the progress of AmphiApp, as the project has only recently been launched.

More information about the Citizen Science App AmphiApp can be found here:

Interested in more information about the Logos, Print & Media Feature from SPOTTERON?

Designing a Youth Social Citizen Science Handbook ...
Thank you for all the Citizen Science in 2023!

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