Conference Design for the YouCount Social Citizen Science Project

YC_Blog_Conference_07_DO Conference Logo Design

The Final Conference for YouCount occurred in Brussels at the start of December.
YouCount is a Social Citizen Science project that unites young individuals and stakeholders to collaboratively generate new knowledge and innovations that can contribute to addressing one of the complex societal challenges being faced by Europe: How to increase social inclusion for young people.

SPOTTERON crafted a conference design, encompassing the creation of a conference logo, the design of roll-ups, buttons, and presentation slides. Additionally, SPOTTERON managed the printing process. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to contribute to and participate in this important assembly.

Roll Up, presentation slides and button of the YouCount Conference
Roll Up of the YouCount Conference
Button of the YouCount Conference
Presentation slide of the YouCount Conference
Roll Up of the YouCount Conference
Logo Design of the YouCount Conference

More information about the Logos, Print & Media Feature can be found here:

Thank you for all the Citizen Science in 2023!
Conference Folder for the Citizen Science Project ...

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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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