The future of Citizen Science Apps - SPOTTERON 1.0

Sunday, 15 January 2017 23:16

We are very happy to announce that a major milestone for the SPOTTERON Citizen Science System has been reached. During the last months, we worked hard to put the underlaying technology on a completly new basis. With SPOTTERON 1.0 we now can provide you with a modern environment, fully specialized for the use in Citizen Science projects and ready for the future of mobile technology.


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core feature #1
New Admin Interface

With the release of SPOTTERON 1.0 comes a complete overhaul of the administration interface, in which project teams can edit and maintain all the observations of their projects and now also with the possibility to contact Citizen Scientists directly with one click.

The new interface will be further extended in the future with advanced filter options, dynamic map integration, the upcoming user profiles and much more.

spotteron TWO admin interface design04

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core feature #2
Scalable Server Environment

With the growing numbers of participation by Citizen Scientists, a scalable environment is the soil for providing stability and performance in modern interactive Citizen Science applications.

Not only can the SPOTTERON system now adapt dynamically to the amount of concurrent usage, but also provides protection from technical faults and guarantuees a fast access on an international level.

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core feature #3
Ready for more..

SPOTTERON 1.0 is a reliable ground base for all upcoming extensions and features of the future with less restrictions to the feasibility of new ideas.

The new versions of all Citizen Science apps in SPOTTERON are already available in the app stores and feature various improvements like a new form element and more flexibility in the project infopages.


Interested in next-gen Citizen Science tools?


SPOTTERON is designed by Citizen Scientists for Citizen Science. We provide a stable and reliable solution for your custom #CitizenScience smartphone apps and interactive maps for your project's homepage with ongoing updates and support..

For further questions about SPOTTERON - the Citizen Science System please don't hesitate to add "spotteron" on Skype or drop us an eMail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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