EU Horizon 2020 Call - Citizen Science Apps for a Green Deal

Wednesday, 23 September 2020 23:15

The new call in the EU Horizon 2020 program aims for supporting and implementing a Green Deal. For projects participating in this call and searching for partners for Citizen Science Apps and participatory tools, we are happy to help!

Citizen Science App development for Horizon 2020 - Green Deal

With the Spotteron app platform, we can provide the basis for interactive toolkits with already many built-in features, communication tools and high privacy ethics. We are already a partner in successful Horizon 2020 projects, so there is already some experience in terms of how the procedures work and what is needed.

As a SME with a strong background on design and development and much experience in Citizen Science on current technologies, we co-create such toolkits together with the other partners and we can also lead tasks or work-packages within the range of our expertise. Such tasks can range from the development and design of the CitSci Apps over add-on tools e.g. for crowdsourced data-analysis to simply the project website. We also take care of all digital tools and maintain them for the project during the whole runtime and beyond for optimal compatibility, stability and security, which is especially important in the fast-changing environment of mobile technology and smartphone apps.

For proposals themselves, we also love to help out with well-designed infographics, icons and project logos, which has been highlighted as beneficial in the reviewers' feedback.

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Supporting an European Green Deal is also a personal matter

One thing to mention regarding the call's topic - as active participants in the "climate and eco-movement", counteracting climate change, fighting biodiversity loss and supporting the necessary transition is something dear to our heart. So this project call is especially important for us on a personal level, too and we would love to join partnerships for contributing towards making a change.

For any questions and opportunities, please do not hesitate to get in contact via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via phone at +43-676-5982272!


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