Hey Citizen Scientists, wanna to name some Northern Bald Ibis Chicks?

Friday, 19 June 2020 13:46
Verena Pühringer-Sturmayr, KLF

Our Citizen Science partner "Konrad Lorenz Research Center", running the Citizen Science App "Forschen im Almtal" on the SPOTTERON Platform and initiator of "NestCams", our first collaboration with Zooniverse, started a great initiative. At their research station, they host a colony of Northern Bald Ibis, amazing birds which you can also observe in the "Forschen I'm Almtal" Citizen Science App.


Our chicks have been ringed, it's time they get names!
While the chicks of Schreckse and Shannara already accompany their parents to the meadows in the Almtal, the stragglers remain in the nest until they fledge at the age of about 1,5 months.

We are looking forward to your name suggestions for the chicks of:
➡️ Schreckse and Shannara with the initial letter S: 2 chicks
 Taska and Tiffi starting with T: 3 chicks
 Quetzal and Simon starting with U: 1 chick
Both female and male name suggestions are needed, we do not know the sex of the chicks yet.

You can participate and suggest names directly on their Facebook Page:

Link to the Facebook post


Citizen Science Projects by the Konrad Lorenz Research Center / University of Vienna

You can observe and study Northern Bald Ibis' in two Citizen Science projects by the Konrad Lorenz Research Center of the University Vienna, Austria.
First, in "Forschen im Almtal", Citizen Scientists contribute animal behaviour observations from the Wild Game Park Cumberland area, and in NestCams, you can watch short videos of nests and record what the bird is doing and what is happening in the nest.
You can find both projects on the KLF's hub website: https://www.birdscience.net

Cover Image by: Verena Pühringer-Sturmayr, KLF


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