User Ranking 2.0: Community Leaderboards in Citizen Science Apps

Tuesday, 16 April 2019 17:07

The new platform version 2.7. is going to bring a complete overhaul of the ranking panel with advanced community leaderboards and more statistic tool for all Citizen Science apps on the SPOTTERON platform.

The new panel is renamed to "Statistics" and it will use the full height of the device as a sidepanel. The new Citizen Science statistics will house the User Ranking 2.0 and a completly new Global Statistics section with charts and diagrams like the top 10 most spotted categories and an interactive timeline, in which Citizen Scientists can select and display their custom set of categories and see how they developed in time in the project - but for that later in another SPOTTERON Citizen Science Blog post..

Community Leaderboards

The new statistics panel has the same interface concept as the user profile panels with section headlines, bubble points and swipe movement to scroll through the various options. The new User Ranking itself has been visually updated and, like in the general statistics and spot statistics, options for switching between time ranges are present. By the arrow icons, users can go back in time to see the most active users in past time periods like the last week or a destinct month.

With this redesign of the community leaderboards in the Citizen Science apps on the SPOTTERON plattform, projects can now easily hold friendly competitions, which in combination with the Direct Messages feature provides a complete solution for such, or they can reward active users as a thank you for their ongoing participation.


SPOTTERON CitizenScience Feature UserRanking20 1   SPOTTERON CitizenScience Feature UserRanking20 2   SPOTTERON CitizenScience Feature UserRanking20 10
Extension funded by: Project Crowdwater, University Zurich, CH


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