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We launch your Citizen Science apps and interactive maps, provide regular updates and build new innovative features for Citizen Science projects.

Since 2014, we are providing services for science projects and institutions with a strong focus on design, technical professionality and reliablity. Trusted by universities, institutions and stakeholders across Europe and beyond, we are creating custom online solutions for science and Citizen Science applications.

Our main field of work is the SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform, which enables Citizen Science projects to run customly built smartphone apps and interactive web-apps on a common framework, which allows us to always maintain and update all apps and software tools.

The SPOTTERON Citizen Science platform is also constantly extended with new features for scientists and citizens alike. This "Extension Ecosystem" is available for all Citizen Science projects on the platform without additional costs and enables a single project to have a wide range of advanced tools ready for their Citizen Scientists from the beginning.

We also build high quality websites, portals and online games for science projects, conferences or science-related organisations, often with interactive components like surveys, forms and forums, participation tools and other. Furthermore, we are also experienced in creating media like graphical designs, social media content or even video clips.

Our long term experience in design and webtechnologies comes together with our focus on innovation to create advanced solutions, which not only work well but also are able to impress and immerse - which is especially important in the area of Citizen Science, which builds on user participation and long-term motivation.


We see ourselves not only just as service providers but also as a design agency with a strong connection to the project partners. Our team is always available to support and help out on call if e.g. the need for new media teasers for an upcoming newspaper article arises or if there is something to advise on.

As part of our mission, we see it as our responsibility to have the tools and websites of a project running hassle-free for the project teams. We take care that everything runs smoothly and adopts to fast changing technologies in a a mobile world.

Are you interested in running your science tools on the SPOTTERON platform? Let's get in contact and talk about what we can do for your specific requirements.

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