Big City Birds - A Citizen Science Success Story from Australia

Monday, 16 November 2020 20:07

We are delighted to hear that our partner’s, the University of Sydney’s, Big City Birds app is making a big impact in Australia, as a recent article in the Guardian Australia shows.
The Citizen Science app that allows city-dwellers to turn into scientists and track Australia’s urban birds runs on the SPOTTERON platform.

The app aims at helping researches better understand the behaviour of specific bird species, including the sulphur-crested cockatoo, the Australian white ibis and brush turkey, and their adaptation to changes in their surroundings.
Birds are a „brilliant indicator of our local environment. The state of our bird population is an expression of what we’re doing to our landscape.” - says Sean Dooley, the national public affairs manager for BirdLife Australia, who was interviewed by the Guardian Australia.


A Citizen Science App for all city dwellers, both birds and humans

Based on the award-nominated brush-turkey app, also running on SPOTTERON, the Big City Birds app takes it to the next level by including more bird species, making it easier and more fun to participate for more people.

The article ends with a statement by “We’re not separate to nature, even in our dense, urban areas, there’s still a natural environment that we’re a part of, and how we act in it has impacted and has ramifications.”

Read the whole article in the Guardian Australia here.


Find the app here:
Web-App for the browser:


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